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Team Introduction

Student Consultancy Serving Startups and Companies


Our Vision

Accompanying our customers to success

Driven by the desire to deliver quality services, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible support.

ESSEC Junior Development aims to respond to the latent needs of economic agents. Aware of the international stakes, we offer our clients an international vision through our office in Singapore.

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Discover our Team

Our Talents, Our Strength!

ESSEC Junior Development is a structure based on the model of a consultancy firm for companies and start-ups.

Created and managed by students from all programs at ESSEC Business School, the organization boasts rigorous expertise and methodologies. It enables ESSEC Junior Development students to gain valuable professional experience through various assignments (market research, competitive benchmarking, etc.) carried out for economic agents with diverse profiles and in a variety of sectors. 


ESSEC Junior Development relies on a team of students, including experienced project managers with at least one year's experience within the association, all of whom receive ongoing training from our partners and faculty. Our consultants join the structure after passing a demanding individual selection process. In particular, they were chosen for their technical skills, their motivation and, above all, their ability to form an efficient, close-knit team.

In this way, the ESSEC Junior Development team is driven by a taste for success and a desire to satisfy customer needs.

Our Board


Simran D Kamath


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Paolo Serravale


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Jinwei Zhenyang


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Mohamed Asad


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Our Values


Our team members are trained to meet your needs with knowledge tailored to your situation. Our team is committed to mobilizing all its skills to your problem, and to respond to you within a reasonable timeframe.


Our consultants are students at ESSEC Business School who are selected through a rigorous recruitment process. They follow a rigorous 6-week training program to develop a range of skills, including analytical ones.


Our motivated team, in a constant quest for personal and professional improvement, listens to you and adapts to your expectations. We can easily adapt to your needs.


All our members are obliged at the start of a mission to sign and respect confidentiality charters specific to the mission in progress. No consultant can divulge information about your company.

A word from the President


Having been established in Singapore since last year, we have successfully created a strong team of like-minded individuals. We aim to advance by offering unparalleled support to our clients, forging meaningful partnerships, and immersing ourselves in diverse industries that South East Asia has to offer.


The motto "Creators of Solutions, Partners in Success" is at the core of ESSEC Junior Development. With this in mind, our team, consisting of members of various nationalities, are chosen after a rigorous selection process and high standards of training.
We are committed to strategically helping clients with their challenges and providing a global outlook. We also improve our consultant's development by bridging the gap between excellent academic training and our ambitious opportunities.


Simran D Kamath, President of ESSEC Junior Development Singapore


5 Nepal Park, Singapore 139408

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